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Rebekah Denise

I Am Rebekah Denise. Hi, so really my name is Rebekah Denise but everyone calls me Rabbit (I'm getting used to this being a known nickname) and I am the creator of I AM Rebekah Denise. Many things I have decided to do I've been told be "normal" and not be so "weird" or "different". So why not incorporate my Life Out of Ordinary; the life I created is so much fun and juicy (one reason I created this blog) y'all need in. For some time I felt left out of the world; no one seemed to think that being yourself was cool. No one seen the creativity this "weird", "different" young lady was cooking in her notebooks. I wish I would have keep my journals from when I began writing at 7 years old. Man I'd be a New York Times Bestseller (speaking into existence)

#LifeOutofOrdinary is me and YOU!

I knew that I could share my story and what I have learned up to graciousing my 30s, many could relate. Some may love to read blogs, need the push, some may need to read what they are afraid to share. Whatever the case may be listen I'm here for it all. 

Life for me is busy! A Mother to 3, amazing, incredible world's most beautiful kiddos. I make sure that I tell my children the world is full of opportunities , it's up to you to go and achieve. Even if that means creating a position that many think is impossible. Between my 9 to 5, rushing to dance performances, running up a tab of iPad purchases, and keeping a routine I'm always asked how do I balance. I don't have that answer yet, I just get it done because it needs to be done.

I never expected to become a entrepreneur. But who's complaining about the gifts God has giving me. Not I! I am forever grateful to turn my dreams into multiple income opportunities. I remember telling my grandmother, the late Margaret Sampson, I wanted to be a doctor or lawyer. I could tell you whats wrong with you quick and hold a solid hell of a argument; try me ! I was thinking long term simply wanting to be in a secure field to hold myself and family down. This right here is hard working security. Major difference!

A Rabbit Secret:
“At a young age I learned how to connect with others through writing. In middle and high school I remembered writing letters to my female classmates and expressing myself. Many times what was in the letter was confidential and our parents found out much if they dared read it. Let me take responsibility and apologize to all who got in trouble back then. LOL! Best of the best, I discovered my success in writing and sooner than later speaking unintentionally”.