Friday Say it Louder for the &^*(# in the Back!


Let’s keep it real..this week was a tough one but I MADE IT
 Happy Friday, looking forward to this weekend as it’s been a long week for me. Maybe it’s this cold that hasn’t cleared all the way and now I’m back to being stuffy. Or maybe it’s because I’ve had appointments, and been pressing myself to really get these blogs checked off my To-Do List.
Congratulations, I’ve been on a roll creating content for y’all and even getting ready for BlogMas. I want recognize my achievements and pat myself on the back. It can be done, don’t doubt yourself J
I really just want to reflect and give y’all some of my takeaways that been warming me up inside.

**Disclaimer: Just because I dropped a blog today doesn’t mean I’m not going to drop for Mental Me Mon’Daze

Daily Strategy:

  1. Tea (lemon & honey) bright & early

  2. Refuse to give energy to negativity

  3. Be the weird you with unlimited doses of awesomeness

  4. Tuhh don’t explain nothing 

Coping Mechanism: Squeeze that Lemon & Wear Yellow

I think of lemons being fresh and bright. My grandmother loved the color yellow; reason why I set MacKayla color theme as yellow as well. With them being gone I realized I was dwelling on the physical not being here. But not looking at the gems they dropped at what’s been pushing me today. Had I been successful with my suicide attempt after losing MacKayla I’d been cutting discovering my happiness, clarity and joy short. 

I’ve experienced the bitterness of the lemon (that sour taste that makes ya face tense). I thought I’d never ever experience motherhood, I thought I’d never be surrounded by an amazing sisterhood or find my soulmate. Today I’m squeezing that lemon (making lemonade y’all) to embrace and overpower that dark road I’ve once traveled. Many want to hide the dark roads, dark truths; therapy weekly has been one hell of a non-prescribed drug that’s helped me shed light on each and every one of them. And I have to say this past weeks therapy session confirmed it’s very important to do things for you and realizing it’s the small things that can change our lives in major ways. Like my boyfriend shared with me “some people show you exactly who they are, it’s up to you if you are going to continue to let them affect you or handle them accordingly”. This month I promised myself to forgive more, be more of a listener and self-observant.

There are going to be those days that I simply want to vent, share my stories, curl up with my favorite yellow & gray blanket is to remind of fresh of life as I am still growing and learning, remembrance of my two M&M angels.

We have to train ourselves to be open and accepting of our love and clarity no matter what it once was, what it is now?

If you catch me in Yellow I’m bringing you all the positivity and sunshine lovebugs 

Tomorrow is a NEW day, promise you’ll be okay

Crying my eyes out has been a relief to knowing that I will soon feel better. Don’t you dare give up or hold in your tears. You know how you were a child and ya mom sad “Hush before I give you something to cry about” In fact they already did but guess what you’re grown now. Let that out and let it flow. Sometimes you have to be okay with not being okay. We are HUMAN. You’re entitled to having feelings, emotions, and just not feeling the day. But promise you yesterday and the next day will have no comparison. So I cried on a Monday bet on that Wednesday I was living my best life. Journal before bed each night and on Friday go back to Monday, am I right or am I right? Air it out and Let It Go love; you’ll get some good rest

Your mate should be your friend that you confide in

Are you really my friend? Or you just want to be my lover? That’s not going to work
Ladies sometimes inevitably we fall into love with the person that we have created in our mind. We (because I have been guilty in the past) look at potential or the idea without giving a chance for your man to be who he is.

To keep it sweet and simple I’d be lying if I told you that the love of my life and I have had the easiest journey, nah nope but I can say in the cheesiest way that I’d do it all over again, observe him and listen more. He’s brought out the yellow sparkle in me that is me being bold, fierce and not afraid to show for who I am. He often forced me to constantly check in on myself and notice how far I’ve come rather than going back and beating myself up. So friend, in fact he’s my bestfriend and everyday I get to know him more. SLOW DOWN sweetie, don’t rush. Y’all head out for a few dates, game night, be creative- support him how you want him to support you, drill one another & live in y’all moments. Enjoy his presence and do what feels right

-pillow talking does not involve gossip, let him know how you feeling, about your day, share your dreams and vice versa 

Loving Yourself with some Naked 

When you’ve undressed what are you really taking off? 

Have you undressed your worries?  

Did you look in the mirror and have to wash off the lip gloss, put ya wig back on its manikin head?

Loving yourself naked means you’ve accepted your flaws and flaunts. You’re still learning and mistakes are going to be made. 

Loving yourself naked means blocking off alone time in your room to be completed naked lol admiring the body God made and the stretch marks that will only go further 

Loving yourself means thinking POSITIVE THOUGHTS, you’re only as good as your last thought. The tongue is very powerful 

Loving Naked means being your vulnerable self and unapologetic

Celebrate the moments and SLOW DOWN baby.

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