30s Is The New 20s

Photo by  Aro Ha

Photo by Aro Ha


NYC for my 30th. THE BEST birthday. Of course I captured every single moment I could (took hell of pictures, went shopping, scouting out restaurants, etc) but it was really BRIGHT LIGHTS CITY LIGHTS, a city that barely sleeps and I was really on clouds. My AirBnB was pretty lit, especially the pop up surprises …this was a trip where I would have really stayed and made my home. I think I needed to see exactly what I wanted to do to set the tone and lead the charge to getting just that 

“Your soul and smile is all that’s needed to light up the room”

While planning this trip I was really bent over wanting everyone to come, really scared to know what was next, what to expect and realizing I’m getting older and beating myself up for what I know I could have achieved and didn’t prioritize. I wasn’t really valuing myself in these thoughts (more so in my head too much), I was willing to accommodate everyone I wanted to be there just to share moments with me. Waste of time. Waste of money. Words of advice: Whoever comes comes. No over extension needed. No pressure 

To wake up and have a breath of fresh air, thoughts and hear the city outside just fed my passion no matter where I went or what I was trying to decide to do

Shoutout and great job to my parents who had me in the middle of the year. Pretty much the dopest – marks 6 more months of the year: June. Many people are setting goals for the last 6 months, updating there vision boards and reflecting in general.

I truly thrived + survived in my twenties (discovered +unpacked).

I feel my 30s I will pack lighter + stay afloat and I will live up to my names meaning

Rebekah - In Hebrew the meaning of the name is: Captivating (capable of attracting and holding interest; charming); knotted cord (primitive surveyor's tool for measuring).

What matters most to me is that will never change; I am going to create opportunities for myself to help lead me on my path to my purpose and success. 

tips + advice for a lady entering thirties.

Forget about the stigmas that we are told from your younger you now to this day and age. I am here for therapy. The month of November I went weekly. Therapy really has me in a position where I cannot be consumed by the past, leave the bullshit where it is at and I can breathe. My heart truly has space. With therapy I have realized so much about myself and I have governed myself in so many positive ways. I have healed because of me and have not required anyone else to 

“Financial Stability”  Start saving your bucks.
I’m still trying to master the art of saving. I see, I swipe and then I check my bank account which tells me “YOU BROKE”. In all honesty open that savings, doesn’t matter if you have change or even a few dollars, keep feeding that savings. You struggle because you place yourself in that position. Financial stability means everything when you are raising a family, when you want to go places, when you want to own and also when you want to build your brand. 

Hold your friends closer.
I used to think everyone was my friend. Nope! I literally invest in who invests in me, I can count on my hand who holds the friend 

Plan + Organize
Consistently work on planning and staying organized. It really eases my mind and it makes the day, week, month go smooth.

Unplug + Recharge
This has to be the most important yet strong decision that I could have made. As a blogger I need a damn break sometimes. My thoughts are overflowing and I sometimes catch a headache from being in front of the screen. We all need time to allow ourselves to unplug and recharge. To keep you guys coming back for meaningful post and inspiration shoot I need some time to ME. Put yourself first and choose you. However many times you need to unplug and recharge, please do so.  I love to put my phone on DND, watch movies, just lay in silence and hangout if I feel like it 

Incorporate reading 
I’ve have picked up the habit of drowning myself in reading again. No lie when reading I think so much outside the book and create some of my blog and podcast content. I believe if you want to become a better writer, YOU WILL READ. There’s endless learning when you pick up a book, don’t forget your sticky notes and a crisp yellow highlighter. When I read I need my space to be clear, no noise and fresh notebook, and ballpoint pen.

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