Being Myself


Life is going by at a fast pace, with the many titles that I hold I pray that I can be and want to be more structured and organized so that I don’t have to tuggle through what I have created to be chaotic. If I can say what helps; life become easier is this 365 planner ( I suggest you get it and grab some stickers as well). Life is not always an easy flow and I get that! I have accepted that the fairy tale world is only going to be in the movies that I create and produce. So I have created my own formula to go with and learn as I have to add to the equation of my success. 

Fear (I can’t stand this word)and failure (removing from my vocabulary) from what I have started has played a factor that has held me back from fully enjoying life. I don’t want to take away from the amazing boyfriend and a supportive group of friends and family but there were times even with them when I would find myself not fully myself.

I’m at a point in my life where I don’t want to feel like when something goes wrong I panic and everything going wrong. I want to fully experience and enjoy my life. So I’ve started my to heal past traumas, love myself more, grow outside of my comfort zone and evolve into my best self. Although it’s been a short period of time it’s been sweet and during this beginning stage of my journey, three main  key lessons for me to help myself grow, heal and evolve.

Become more aware of you! I have become more aware of the root to my decisions, thoughts and effort to unlearn what has become an unhealthy routine and/or habit. I have made the conscious effort to do things differently, but trust I have not mastered this skill yet. One thing that I want to do for myself is both be aware of myself but also how I show up in the world. Initially you want to shed away from old habits, be clear and ask yourself why I do the things that I do? Mirror Monday (apart of Mental Me Mon’Daze) –look at yourself in the mirror, write a list of what unhealthy habit you need to get rid of and replace with a positive habit you can practice. 

Let go
I was told “It seems you are straddling the fence. You have some things in your past that effect your now and you take it out on others and they are unaware of what initially has happened for you to get to this point”

It’s so easy to keep doing things that you are used to and the way you’ve always have done them because you know the end result. When you continue to press the repeat button on your life you are not giving yourself the opportunity to be open for growth. Let go! PRESS PLAY. Again replace your old habit with a new habit. A breath of fresh air, new surroundings (also re-evaluating your surrounding) and allowing yourself freedom from being holding on to what no longer serves a purpose can contribute to you LETTING GO

Love + Believe in yourself
Above all else love yourself for who you are AND KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Believe who you are and really express yourself through your passion, unique talents and gifts. I hated being told “It’s different with you” but I understand I am special and I can admit but others have seen it before me. When beginning my podcast (Rabbits Whole, available on iTunes and SoundCloud)I I see that my unique perspective, what I discuss and what my opinion is all defined by all of my own experiences that I own. The platform that I serve I know when I drop a blog or episode it is important and adds value to my platform and those who are listening.  Believe in yourself, no one and nothing can stop you from reaching your goals. Let your light continue to get brighter and brighter, love yourself with everything in you and never stop believing in you. YOU BETTER WAKE UP!