Creatures of Habit


My love says “humans are creatures of habit” I believe that habit is enforced by our daily struggles and can be traced back to our mindset. Negative thought patterns, limit beliefs, negatively color our perceptions, our feelings and even the way we relate to the world and those around us. We create a "cycle" and try to live our best lives despite it. And when the cycle continues we ask ourselves why we are not seeing change. 

Get unstuck from the negativity, more in tune to being positive within your mindset. Unlearn to relearn & adjust! We are working to get to where we want to be ….

Celebrate putting the puzzle pieces together to having a positive mindset – somehow, we have been dismantled to thinking to stop striving if we fail – nope, you’re on your way to thinking positive. Celebrate the ups and downs. Yes, I said the downs;it’ll teach you how to be proactive in learning a lesson and not looking as if you failed or it has a negative effect (remember:only if you have the negative mindset will it effect in a negative way). That relationship that didn’t work out, that job position you didn’t get, the lady at church who judged you, the fake friends you found out about, etc. Celebrate all of that, don’t dwell! It all made you better, push harder, explained why it was not meant to be; get into the habit of it served as your greater goodNegative thoughts consume your mind, positivity gives you open mindset. 

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, I know I know you’ve heard this before. Live by it – your mind will not go to waste, it is critical to make sure the mind is healthy and positive! Before you go to bed what are you thinking? When you wake up, what’s on your mind? What are you feeding your mind? What you begin to think begins to shape your mood, the day and the feelings that continue throughout. 


Reevaluate that cycle that is a habit. Are you living in a negative mindset, feeding the negative cycle that gives you a low life feeling; being drained, uninspired, lazy and unmotivated. Are you stagnate? 

Start showing up for you. I’ve changed my mindset, my habits by wanting better for myself. It is not easy, nothing worth having is easy. During my toughest moments, I sometimes answer quacking while in my feelings, sometimes I pray. But I remain consistent in thinking positive thoughts. But think if you think the worse it has an effect of you getting over what needs to be faced and resolved. I ask myself “what can I do to change the circumstances”.  If you are proactive in positive thinking your outcomes will align with your mindset. Also, being obedient to the lesson from the experience. If you learned from the experience you can move on and create positive habits. Positive habits that will lead to a positive repeated cycle.

So yes, I agree with my love “humans are creatures of habit”. That habit is taking a stand to approach with a positive mindset and more proactive way. You are in control of your mindset, I preach this to myself over and over. “Think before approaching”