Bare With Me


'Wow! It's been a whole month since I have published a blog. September had to be "It All Falls Down". What's better to say then "I was away". Away because I needed a peace of mind, I needed to re-evaluate what's been going on around me and get back to this dope person that I am. I need and still need organization in my life. Bare with me because I'm getting better. Its quite often that we need to just unplug. Unplug from it all! So may titles we hold during everyday life that it can get overwhelming. I invested in some therapeutic work outs, phone being on do not disturb, listening to music and giving myself self love. It starts with "Self" for a reason. It starts with you! If you are not healthy you won't be good to yourself or anyone around you. Here we are 30 days later. I'm back and I'm better. This month has been a month, a lost friendship, closer bond with my mother, road to my masters, and adjusting to three little ones schedule. I had to place Blogger Confession on hold and neglected networking on social media. I'm happy to announce Blogger Confession started back up tonight. Ayyyyeee, you betta work Rabbit (my childhood nickname).. It's life, were human, don't beat yourself up about taking time away. Major things have happened in my life and I'm still being tested. I decided a few months ago that I was going to dedicate my life to Jesus and I was going to gain my own understanding. Yeah going against the grain; because society really has this thought of church & christianity. I'm not debating y'all just yet. Let me point out because I am baptized does not mean I can not enjoy life, I carry my wisdom. As my godsister Briana said "God created us to enjoy our lives and we have to be wise and apply his teachings". Everyday I'm working on my relationship with God, it's my personal relationship, and I just be talking to him. That's my father who over my earthy father is going to make sure I'm good. I was raised in church but I didn't pay attention (we'll talk in depth in another blog). Bible study and church has become a part of me. Put some respect on his name. JESUS that is. So on my journey which has been amazing I knew I would piss the devil off. I did! As quick as he's been pissed off I'm at the point where he can catch these hands because he is trying me. There's a saying "I may bend but I will not break". I'm not even try to bend. I'm keeping my head up and my chin up. I will get through and I will be telling you in another blog how God stepped up and showed out. The storm doesn't last long. Fast forward September 24, 2017 I was baptized. I came up NEW (it's a unexplainable feeling) but I know when accepting and following God we become vulnerable. It was like a domino effect that things just continue to keep pulling and tugging at me. I became this person where I WANTED TO GIVE UP but I knew I could not. It was the devil trying to interfere. Like move around and sit down somewhere because you won't win. So breather, let me step back and as much is going on I need to take it a day at a time, and handle with faith, confidence and know God will see me through. It's okay to cry, crying cleanses, I think I have used a 6 roll mini pack of toilet tissue roll. It's all good, I didn't give up and I'm keeping on on my journey. In todays service I learned "I still survived". I cried again like a baby and just let it go. Oh before I forget I will be posting notes that I take in Sunday Service (they help me throughout the week). God already knows whats next for me. I'm overjoyed that I AM BACK. I got my big girl underwear on. I'm ready to jump into blogging & speaking into existence October is going to be a BREAKTHROUGH. Welcome October, and welcome back to my supporters. I love you all. 

ACTS 5:39 But if it is of God, you can not out throw it- lest you even be found to fight against God." We DO NOT WALK IN FEAR