Blogging Mirror Truths


This week is Rabbit’s week; 4 more days and I will be 31 years old. 30’s is the new 20’s okay lol! This is no surprise to me that I turned what I have a passion for into my business. I love blogging so much. I started as a little girl without knowing that was building my foundation and leading to I Am Rebekah Denise today ….

In this creative world I feel I should share with you how I can get in my own head, how’s blogging been for me and the perks. With each blog that I create it refreshes my mind and gets me deep into my mind (if that makes sense lol). Blogging doesn’t come as easy as it looks. Continue to read all the way to the end there’s something special for Rabbit’s Week!

Realization of Blogging 

Blogging is hard. 

: I have become my own photographer. I find locations as I drive around my city, travel and even on my breaks at work. When I’m least thinking about blogging topics they come to mind and at times I forget. At times even though I know I am passionate about the topic I think ugh is my audience going to like this topic. It happens no matter how HONEST, REAL, AND VULNERALE I am – I think hard about being judged. I am truly a overthinker. 

Just recently I purchased a notebook (fixing forgetting valuable content) that I can carry with me everywhere (fits in all my bags; I can carry on the plane 😊) so that ideas pop I am writing them down immediately. As of today, I have 48 blog drafts, I catch writers block often. I believe inside my mind is oompa loompas continuously working to figure out how to put together the secret ingredients and shoot thoughts so that I can formulate paragraphs. It annoys me when I can’t flow with the topic I have chosen. I give myself time, have some tea and clear my mind -not being too hard on myself, letting myself know that it happens, and it can happen.


Being honest, real and vulnerable is no biggie – everyday I am learning something new about myself, having an honest mirror conversation; or I have an opinion on something and willing to create content to share. Usually when I am tweeting the blogger community is very supportive and I feel 100% connected with conversation. I always feel blogging is just hit or miss (again it happens, keep posting!).


: In this creative world doubt happens. Let’s not act like it doesn’t. You drop a blog and think this one is a banger and it ends up not getting a view. Or it gets views after being post for a few days. Or your looking at another bloggers site. Yeah I know! Weren’t you told don’t compare yourself. EYES FRONT! Someone stares at you, you would be saying DUH, so apply when applicable! DO NOT CHANGE YOUR BLOGGING STYLE BECAUSE OF ANOTHER. The hiatus I took from social media; I found my audience, my niche, and I’m sticking to that. You have self-doubt, you get discouraged but do not give up! You didn’t start what you’re doing to walk away. Connect ...Collab…your time is your time! TRUST IT , the process that is.


: Everyday I tell myself I am going to promote myself. I may promote but not as I should, and it really bothers me because I think about promoting at the very last minute. One of monthly goals every month is to create graphics and daily reminders to promote posts. To get into the habit of promoting I create post ahead of time; sometimes. I should be creating as soon as I post the blog. Promotion is essential; what you create speaks for itself. This is an area I need consistent work on. Come on you guys make sure if/when you see me tweet, post on IG you tell me to keep promoting. Just remember TALK TO ME NICE 😊!

Writing sets you FREE

: Wheewww chile! When I write I express, I relieve, and I am content. When I was attending therapy sometimes I spent a session writing and then sharing so that I hit each bullet point. I even wrote during the week of my appointment so that I didn’t miss what I wanted to discuss. Randomly and when least expected content comes to my mind and I drift off finding a way to bring to paper. Yes, I have to write out my blogs on paper. The title may change a few times, I don’t give myself a deadline for my blogs – I let it all flow. I’ve been working lately on trying to post smaller blogs. Content just flows but my motto: writing shall set you free!



: Follow me! I have never thought being on this app would lead to so much support, creating bonds and collabs with bloggers virtually. I started my blog discussions, engaged in blog discussions, and literally became a “blogger tech” to those starting out, those who just need tips and sharing ideas. My phone has turned into blog central, I exchanged numbers with bloggers from all over (UK, Michigan, Texas, NYC etc). We text, FT nearly every day. I receive many DMs, emails and so much love on a blogging daily basis. It’s so amazing when you use your platform to build relationships with likeminded, creatives like yourself. 




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