Dear 2019


Do you know what you feel like? Do you know you by yourself? Have you experienced your most peaceful self?

You’re thinking of the countdown to screaming around your loved ones and starting fresh. How about I’ve already got a head start. My advice to you: start now! I’ve focused on letting go and seeking more happiness and push toward the creative world that awaits me.

Let my work speak for itself, I still look forward to the late nights when the world is sleeping and my creative juices are flowing. I still will get my adequate sleep but let every idea be written down no matter what time it is that the thought comes to mind. When I’m out of tune with myself I’ll go back to my corner of the boxing ring and reenergize so that I can bounce back to the middle and “Level Up”. I understand my boxing ring will throw me test, I have to be prepared and ready. The “mirror” is a phenomenal teacher; look at yourself. In my corner of the ring: 

Is it worth it?
Positive “beautiful” mindset
Game Changer
Clear boundaries/balance

You’ll get me effortlessly- my truest authentic self

I will make room for my dreams + expressing gratitude. That’s my choice!
Waking up I want to be filled with butterflies in my stomach and have as much energy to decide what I will and will not accept. I’ll see things for what it is. I have to really reference back what’s being projected. I will be center and clear of all energies that don’t serve my purpose or quench my thirst to become a better me. I’ll be ready to tune into and interact with like energies. 

2019, I am already into you. December, I’m planting my seed regardless of the snow that’ll cover. As I am a known fighter, my seed will grow and the flower will push through and blossom. I will pursue my passions and keep pushing past doubt. I want to get moving on my path to success- my reward will be feeding my mind, body and spirit with positivity with no limits .

I want to live in my truth.

I wrote this letter to be seen so that you can write your 2019, start now and hold yourself accountable but just know you are not alone and I am to on this journey to living in my passion.