Fuel Your Fire

A short post to keep it moving and see your way through your journey of being an entrepreneur.

My father has a success story of entrepreneurship - owning properties (including flipping houses), having his own restaurant “Dixie Chicken” and back in the day being one of the bomb house party DJs. My mother, graduate of business administration, and nursing and works with many businesses of America. So, I see it as best of both balanced worlds. I love when family or friends ask me or my parents “so what is Rebekah doing?”. Just to see the confusion on their face. They can’t understand why a mother of 3, continues to grow my business as a podcaster, and content creator.

A note: Unless you are ME, in MY position, don’t EVER try to tell ME how to FEEL.


I’ll be honest, a lot of family more than society itself sees me as a disappointment and failure. They don’t understand entrepreneurism. There doubt sometimes crushes my feelings, but never do I let opinion question my purpose and cloud my mind to think that I might fail in what I am pursuing.

It did crush my feelings, but it is a duty that does not belong to me but changed the way I approach.

Affirmation: Your position is on PURPOSE. Stay there! You were meant to be who you are and not for who validates you with their opinion.

There are challenges in all walks of life. How you see failure depends on your mindset. Don’t be afraid to face the tool of failure, it happens. Failure is temporary, not a destination, part of the process and not who you are. People who are not entrepreneurs fail as well. If you were doing everything with ease there would be a problem. There must be lessons and a level of discomfort; I have a healthy concern of throwing everything I have in what I am doing. It’s my necessity of success. When things start going wrong and you feel failure you panic; again, it happens. But don’t let your concern of failure be because of one’s lack of understanding or acceptance. Do not let another think they can pin failure on you because you decide to take another route. EVERTHING YOU WANT IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF FEAR!

Rejection is protection. Protect yourself from those who reject your 

I see daily entrepreneurs speaking about people who don’t support. I SEE YOU! You aren’t where you are to prove anyone wrong – whomever that might be. The use of there energy of doubt is not to motivate you. That’s how you fall victim, of needing their validation to push through. This feeling you have no support is a part of your story. It’s shaping the narrative of you being self-made (agree? disagree?). Feel good about yourself for continuing your journey that no one is here to understand. Remember why you started, where you were, and where you are. That’s fuel to your fire!

Hustle Babes. You want authentic support not fake!