Hot Girl Summa


Its that season where we check off goals and have reason!

What’s a hot girl summa? I’ve been asking this question since it surfed the internet and captions have been encouraging this saying. All I’ve been seeing is women in competition with men, memes encouraging one another to be careless and group pictures with the tongue out. Not my idea; to each its own. If it has been what I have been seeing please THROW THE HOT GIRL SUMMA away. Did you take off the summer from working/building on your future? We all wait for the summer to have fun, trust me be in ya bathing suit, throw on ya romper, dress, whatever makes you comfortable. But its not time to take off. This is the season to be booked, busy and productive! Following the shout out of hot girl summa I see the stat “It’s our season”. Not everybody’s, there I said it! Everyones not on the same type of time. Everyone has a different mindset, and we all have different timing. Most of all with the work you put out determines what you will receive (write that last part down somewhere in ya notebook). 

My idea of a hot girl summa with my mindset would be having patience and being obedient in the now and continuing to work, set goals and build so when it’s my season it can be lit and I can enjoy. So, If I had to give a definition for my sistas who are starting a business, already a creative, business owner, entrepreneur, etc:

Hot girl summa- setting goals, staying intentional, releasing creativity into the world, keeping focus while having patience and obedient!

*Disclaimer:I am not saying don’t have fun. While having fun, still put work in.


When summer hit I started going through a whirlpool of emotions with where I’ve been at in my creative career. Walking past the mirror wheewww I had to talk to myself and give more encouragement. I’ve been working twice as hard to adjust to the change of my family schedule, finding the urge to do photoshoots and investing in the business (backdrops, furniture, camera lenses, tripod).  I’m going to be a bit repetitive, but I promise you’ll thank me later. In my previous post I said self-love is the best, knowing who you are, setting boundaries and keeping yourself full. I was just telling my family, boyfriend and literarian friend Ki that I’ve been nesting– observing my surroundings, protecting my energy, looking over opportunities presented, opening drafts in my notes, all while still releasing content and creativity. Making my next move my best move. If need be nest if you have to. And if you need more push, have those around you on top of you.

In the beginning I said its not everyones season. It’s not easy waiting for your time to come.  And now that its summer time I know you want to take full advantage of having fun. But the summer can be utilized to get more work done, don’t you think? In fact you should have more energy to go out, check off goals and release to the world your creativity. This nesting stage is not comfortable to say the least. But my part in this hot girl summa is to keep going regardless of change of weather, motivate others and if/when I come upon a hurdle or things aren’t as easy as they seem get through and keep pushing. You know why? If this isn’t my season MY SEASON IS COMING!  

During this hot girl summa squeeze more lemons, that’ll require more cups. Your lemonade is going to continue to flow; overflow in blessings as you stay on top of what you need to get done. Here’s some tips to help you get through ….

Hot Girl Summa Tips:

Tip #1: Your purpose is to be the best YOU that you can be, and that requires your time and energy.

Tip #2: Never forget the reason behind it

Tip #3: Never forget that you are powerful, strong, and you come to far to not let ya light shine bright

Tip #4: This is your journey, yes you can set examples but shape however you see fit

Tip #5: Be your own cheerleader and someone else cheerleader if needed. Root for you when no one else, remember to have self-talk moments

Tip #6: Create. Create. Create !