Let Go + Heal


1. Get out of your own head
2. Healing can occur when you acknowledge the pain
3. There are things you will question
Wrap It Up! Wrap It Up; thank you November. 
You ever just notice a repeating cycle within yourself, with the people your surrounded by or just notice that no matter what communication or the vibe is just not right- you start questioning sometimes is it you? What are you doing wrong? Or why is this not working out?
It happens. In many life lessons, maybe all life lessons you govern YOURSELF

Chillleeeeee November stripped me naked: I fought through pain and moved into “Healing”

Every emotion that I let flow had me crying, smiling, overthinking, sleeping too much, boost of productivity and questioning whether it is for me or whether I should look at that particular person, situation or the environment I was in. My depression and anxiety kicked in and was face to face with me at times I least expected. I danced every day in my space battling from how I would take on the day and get through the best I can.

For so long I tried to dismiss my emotions and top them with what I felt I needed in the moment, phase or time of life and it continued to cut myself deeper. I lost complete touch of myself. Looking at the negativity of traumatic events in life I was sinking. I was vulnerable to what another said, making decisions based off others and although I know I am very sensitive- my sensitivity radar flashed -went through the roof of me seeing clearly the actions of others, the treatment towards me and not valuing what’s most important to me 
It’s never easy to let go immediately- it took me some morning rides to work, texts unread, unanswered phone calls and complete silence when I stood in front of the mirror to say I need to heal before even engaging and rushing the process; the balance was hard to find but I merely felt that I needed to stay afloat and not prolong wrapping it up (whatever it might be) so that it would no longer hold me down. 

So far from Letting Go + Healing I’ve learned:
Vent to your journal
Go to bed to ease your mind
Be quiet, observe and listen
Don’t take it personal
Stop the behavior
Honor their position, nothing more nothing less
Celebrate life and rejoice in lessons and jewels dropped
Pray more for understanding w/o physical interference
See it for what it is and not for what I want it to be
Being honest, open, holding myself accountable & being truthful about my experiences & feelings helped move into “healing”. Slowing I began to embrace, I was eager to get to the root of not being me, and being true to myself and asking myself tough questions that no one else was willing to ask me. I had to accept the tough decisions and the steps to take after. It hurt but it helped my heart become softer and beat to my rhythm and allowed my mind to be at ease and my energy to be at my pace but more so helped me see that me rooting for myself this November; I got a different taste and different outlook on how positive things could be once I let go of things that would and have keep me down. 
Letting go + Healing the response is different, mentally, emotionally, your thanking yourself for getting to this place. Speak more life into yourself and know that you are unapologetic for stepping into your focus and destiny. It’s freaking amazing to see the pain turn into beauty and the art of truly discovering the cloth to cover your nakedness.