Life : It Happens

I know I always post motivation, positive organizational blogs of changing the mindset and staying afloat within yourself. I feel I haven’t really shared life ventures and how they can be challenging or can lead to adventures we go on unexpectedly. Or what goes through my big head …I need to do more of this!


Here goes nothing ….

Adulting is so weird and nervous at the same time. It is so much that goes on that it becomes slim to no chance that I will remember a conversation if its not in email, text or written down somewhere. Sometimes this can get all too overwhelming. When I get overwhelmed, I stop and sometimes I don’t pick back up where I left off. I’m human right? So, no problem with admitting because it happens.

Shifting motherhood, working a 9-5, getting to know your better half, DIY’ng the rooms of my house, balancing bills, working on my credit, juggling blogging, podcasting isn’t easy. And it doesn't help when you are the GLUE who continue to spread yourself thin *willingly and not so willingly.

At no point should anyone feel overwhelmed, burnt out – & I’m so close. 

The weekend of July 19thI attended a women’s conference “SHE”. 3 Nights REGAL, STRENGTH, and FEARLESS. My take from the three days of enjoying, being in rooms filled with women uplifting dope spirits: introducing ourselves and never being timid of who we are, owning our past, present and the NOW but also planning ready for the future. While there was sharing of life experiences with deep intimate conversation – what stays in the room of discussion STAYS. For me ITS TIME. Time to let life align itself, time to finish cleaning up what I’ve started, listen instead of talking, learn instead of already acting as if I have the knowledge and tools. Of course, I am an emotional being - I cried, my mind, mentally and physically is ready to continue but my feet need to move. Move to conquer, get back to where I started and focus one by one – not think that I can complete it all in one day. 

Remember from SHE:

Being a Queen brings power

Change Your Posture

Sending out Thank You Cards (I’ll explain that later)


I’ve slacked at task I say I will do and fall short of showing up when needed to show up. The start to this week was really a Mental Me Monday that put me in a blah mood but picked me up quickly, as the things I said I would do just came full circle to needing to be done. A disagreement happened and I heard “things that you say you’d do you’ll do for maybe a week then fall right back into a cycle of not getting them done”. I utilized that to get back and stay on track. 


When I cry they are not tears of wanting someone to have pity. I cry and then the BEAST wakes up.

Since I’m close and I’ve caught this “burnt out” stage early. I admit I let others and I also put things on my plate and can’t finish it all or leave and don’t come back.  I’m finding balance. I get to be agitated and panic very quickly. I find myself thinking far ahead rather then in the moment (which is good in some aspects). I’m finding areas that I need to breath calmly, express myself and not get to the point of feeling suffocated. I know I say have a TO DO List but throughout the day when things need to be added, edit, add to ya list so that you know it needs to get done and you can get to it. 


I am allowing myself to be able to stick to my written list and plan. 

I am allowing myself to go back and finish what I’ve started.

I am allowing myself to listen, learn and take notes.

I am allowing myself to hold myself accountable beginning, mid and end of the weeks. 

 Have a Great Week !

xoxoxo , Rebekah Denise