Mental Authenticity

Welcome to a full week of Mental Health Awareness Month. Mental Health has began getting the attention we feel is well overdue since celebrities started speaking up, deaths have occurred, and the stigmas are being broken. It’s great to see that others have their ways of being proactive and wanting their mind to be clear, healthy attitudes, behaviors and emotions. What about you? Have you taking ownership of your mental health and your personal practices?

Mental Authenticity (a term I made up)- being authentic to your mental health – being in tune with your mind, body and feelings knowing that you will not sit in what you are going through – it will not define you. Instead, you will face it head on and provide yourself the time, space and opportunity to practice ways to be positively authentic in all aspects.

I had a “Just one of those days” yesterday, working in corporate America, being a big little sister, parenting and other activities that required my attention. I felt I was being stretched like a rubberband that was getting ready to pop (and the first thought in my head was to scream). My emotions, my mind and my body needed more energy a fuel that I feel I was just about empty on. And the mistake I made was continuing to go and not be mentally authentic with myself. I waited til towards the end of the day to cry to my significant other not having a clear vision how I was going to make it through the remaining 12 hours ; the rest of May 7th. 

I found myself at my favorite park. I realized to practice mental authenticity began with deep reflecting. 

Before you get to “Just one of those days” here are some ways I deep reflected …..

Check in with your emotions.

Why am I feeling this way? What events lead up to these emotions? Pep talk time. Carry a small pocket or purse mirror. Talk with yourself about changing those emotions into speaking to your positive mindset and write down all the emotions you are feeling and why. It helped as I took deep breaths and my windows was down I could get some fresh air. Checking in with your emotions, creating a list or chart I think is the keep to mental authenticity. You are not sitting in the emotions you are addressing and finding solutions to moving forward 


Positive Mindset

Have the courage to think; if you think you can CHANGEMOVEand EVOLVE

Understand that you are unique with a personal plan. Every day we are peeling the old and the new is getting ready to grow. Your mind is your precious resource! If you think wrong, you go wrong. So think POSITIVEand that means in everything that you do, say, etc. Find a peaceful place to meditate and think.

In your notebook:

How do you think about yourself?

What is behind me will stay there

Break chain on yesterday

My later day is greater than my former day


Think beyond where you are …..


Being more Intentional 

Make thoughtful decisions in your life. Often times we are quick to make permanent decisions off temporary feelings. Actively engage and interact in your life. Actively engage in your mental awareness for balance; remember that you want to prepare yourself for happiness and peace. As you are intentional on hitting your goals and deadlines add mental authenticity. Create a wellness plan to edify your soul of intention. 

Mental Health is Priority 

According to NAMI, Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. (46.6 million) experiences mental illness in a given year. Please read that sentence again and understand the importance that you are not alone. It happens and turning a blind eye to your mental health can result in getting worse; the signs and symptoms can significantly impact your day to day functions. 

What occurred May 7thI had control to cry, vent, know what led to my feelings and think of what I need to do moving forward to prevent these feelings from occurring again. Sometimes you need to just let it all out to feel better. My body was communicating with me as well; I had a headache, more tired than usual. I knew I needed to slow down and reflect (I was experiencing burnout). But there has been a time where I know I sought out therapy to get me through the passing of my daughter and grandmother. 

There are still stigmas on how mental health should be handled. It depends on you. We are human, we experience issues that are beyond our control, and there is no need to be shamed about it. Being mentally authentic, you acknowledge the issue is beyond your control and need support getting through. 

If you know that your symptoms have last beyond a two week period (even if having episodes) I strongly recommend that you should seek professional attention. 

Rebekah Boykins