Embracing My Mental Health : Rabbit


1.    How do you view your Mental Health? 

I was embarrassed and afraid about facing my mental health and recognizing that I needed help to cope with what has happened in my life and overcome obstacles that I have let continuously build as life went on.  My first and second therapist did not work out. My third therapist was sent from heaven. I got the courage to open and to understand through about 4 sessions I AM NOT MY MENTAL HEALTH. I took what I was facing broke it down and didn’t let depression, anxiety and suicide stick. I view my mental health as my approach. How am I going to approach what I am going through? How am I going to break down and rebuild the matter at hand to get through and take the lesson learned and not overwhelm myself, not feel that I am alone.  

“Rise above to be bigger and better. Mental Health cannot take my power” – Rebekah Denise

2.    What serves as your therapy?

Of course, I write. I don’t have structure when I am in my head and need to undress. I write whatever comes to mind and I make sure that I stop writing when I am ready. I do take breaks, I do give myself time to LET IT OUT, whatever is going through my mind. I have to let it ALL OUT to be able to take it the new to embrace and breath through. Books, fresh air, walks in the park, resting also serves as my therapy. It takes strength to do these things, so I always push to REST in between to refuel, reenergize and get back to Rebekah Denise

3.    How do you balance your emotions, behavior, attitudes?

I am still learning to balance myself. I have those around me, my father, my mother, my children and my significant other to see the change in my moods, they take action to help me communicate rather shut down (which has been my first reaction). Again, with helping me they give me time. With behavior, I always think of what I have done before and has it worked? Was there a negative effect? Was there a positive? I create a chart in my mind.


4.    Are there any mental health stigmas you’ve supported and stood by?


No, the one mental health stigma that I have heard repeatedly when I was a kid “what goes on in this household stays in this household”. No! What goes on in the household could be detrimental to your growth and have you closeted or at a standstill. Oh, and when you tell someone you are seeing a therapist they ask “are you crazy” …baffles me! I’ve been known for not following the rules lol. I move to my own beat. In this instance I act when needed. Having a therapist has been a positive life change and amazing growth boost in my life. If I could I would bag up the stigmas and set em’ on fire. Your mental health is critical and plays a role in your everyday life.


5.    What have you learned about mental health that you did not know?

I have learned that so many people around me are not aware of there mental health and what it is doing to them because it goes on not being treated. I have learned that I am not in this alone. I have learned that mental health is taboo in the areas who are crying the most. I have learned that mental health awareness does not belong to specific generations, races, or religions. 


6.    Do you believe that mental health issues are throughout your family? Perhaps overlooked?

Yes! I believe that my family has grown to stick to values of family silence and passed down to generations so many mental health issues that are visible and hidden are overlooked. I can spot out when I know some things need medical attention but because this is something “new” it is out of the norm. In the times that we are living you can not walk away, hide, or avoid things that you face. Even back then and now it will come back full circle.  I will continue to be the advocate to educate and push my family to act and live healthier better lives. 



7.    On days that can be challenging, how do you nurture yourself?

Mental Me Mon’Daze are real and very important to me. Every Monday I take the day, time for myself. I relax, I write, I utilize my planner (decorate with stickers, plan my week), I work on blogs, I turn my music on and read my book of the month. If I need a mental day from work I take it. If I need to call and talk, who I feel comfortable with I text, call and confide in. Most importantly I identify when I need ME time, identify where my feelings are coming from and I take the time needed. I don’t care what I am in the middle of, however much time is NEEDED is TAKING.  

8.    How are you helping spread the word on mental health awareness?

Everyone I meet that has expressed wanting to take care of their mental health I tell them that it is okay to laugh, smile and know that everything is going to be alright. As I educate myself I am educating others. I allow myself 30 minutes to an hour to be the ear to someone else. I have time allowance because again I must keep in mind that I can’t take on too much knowing my mental is not going to be of use if I pile too much. And knowing that I have days that are not so great. I speak from my perspective, I always ask if they want me to listen or give advice. If so I share resources and most importantly I share my story to relate in some cases and motivate them to keep pushing.