Rabbits Inspiration


If I could I would be a mermaid for the remainder of life. Carefree, coming to the shore when I feel like it, but living under the sea sounds pretty dope. I can face adulthood when I’m ready and up to it.  I’m in the home stretch where I want to continue to be babied but be grown at the same time. Finding an unbalanced balance if you know what I mean lol. Growing up has its annoying perks and while doing so we start thinking what’s next, asking more questions, getting out to experience more and adjusting to continuously grow. That comfort zone is one scary place to keep creeping back to. What we can’t and won’t ignore is growing means CHANGE. 

What we go through we grow through and learn one season doesn’t last forever. We will not remain the same forever. Agreed?

So many people have come to me and said “Rebekah you’ve changed”. I would pray that they see for the better and see the better version of me compared to what they seen five or ten years ago (save that for another blog)? In life we go through periods, seasons, and glorious, uncomfortable times. Whatever we go through we should be taking the lesson and seeing how it has shaped us into the person we are today. And many lessons believe it or not we will revisit until we get it right and can move on to what’s next. But yup I can say I have changed and grown. 

We all come from different backgrounds; we interpret, learn, and perceive not the same as one another. We also have different love languages intertwined (I’m still reading the book by the way). There is not one person you can tell me is right about everything or knows everything. We all can LEARN and CHANGE according to how we adapt to where we are in life during the present time. 

**Disclaimer: To learn and change you have to be open. Open to travel, open to meeting and interacting with healthy people outside your norm, open to listen, open to observe. My biggest learning ability is reading. A good read opens the mindset in another realm. 

If you’re going to take anything from this blog please know that we all are still learning, still growing, and still changing. Don’t ever feel by the looks of what’s going on with someone else you are to rush. You put your vision in jeopardy watering assumption (don’t let this go over your head). Comparison is your enemy that doesn’t belong in your lane. Your time is coming.
-Rebekah Denise