Stand for Yourself

Smile and stand ya ground. You are YOU!

Smile and stand ya ground. You are YOU!

It all goes back to pointing the finger at yourself. From the mouths of other’s, I have heard “you are too nice, and people will take advantage of you”. I admittedly have always put others first, I admittedly can say I learn things the hard way. It’s been a long time coming (another cliché moment) but I have learned my lesson. No more….when my heart needs more of me, the universe tells me and every lesson learned has aligned with what chapter I stand in. One of the biggest challenges I need to work on and tell myself everyday: I am not wrong for standing, I am right for myself and by any means necessary I will continue no matter what and stick it out

“We change our stories by owning the parts we played in them and standing” – Rebekah Denise

I used to be so easily persuaded by others conversation, thinking that their voices override my voice. And when going with the flow of others I found it to be so annoying realizing its not for me or thinking how I ever agreed over myself. I had to STAND in my truth! & realize sometimes I was fighting against what I should be fighting for.

In my most familiar places (home, work, school) I have been tried and although I’ve been bent many ways I DID NOT BREAK. As many breaks as I needed to take, I took. I continued to squeeze the opinion of others out of my mind as if I was ringing out a towel- no more looking for others to agree on my decision on what’s best for me. I’m going to take the steps, make choices and decisions with what’s best for me.And began to reevaluate friendships, relationships often. You outgrow – you yourself, people change and move in different directions in life. All which is perfectly fine. Move on taking ownership of your individuality and where you stand. 


 August 14th one of the scariest moments of life ended and although I knew the ending of the story it was prolonged, I was impatient, my anxiety was bad, and I was very impatient. I used that as a stepping stone, looked at reality over my imagination, guidance of understanding that I must stop taking my own kindness for granted and stand firmly my myself. Taking yourself for granted allows other to treat you anyway, get comfortable and be surprised when you stand for yourself. Let that surprise soak in but don’t let up. I vowed to never ever again put myself in the predicament of feeling like I am losing myself. No sense of peace and going to lose everything. 

My normal surroundings changed to be unfamiliar. The unexpected happened and although I wanted to go back to familiar (apologize at what’s not my fault, find meaning behind others and their actions) I realized when standing for yourself that may lead to standing ALONE from those you thought would be proud of the step you have taking. What you also realize is your amazing smile and gaining peace of EVERYTHING!


Standing your ground, means not being around toxic, negative or the usual comfortable. Standing your ground means expressing yourself, not holding back, doing so in a mature manner and not letting up. I want to stand on solid ground like when David was face to face with Goliath, David wanted smoke. David was not backing down from that big giant. As we shouldn’t back down from STANDING our ground, big giant or not. Where you are, plays a big role in the outcome of decisions you make. You can get comfortable in your dysfunction if you sit long enough. David prepared himself, he did not sit and was not discouraged of size.  Everyone else was focused on how big he was but David looked at him and seen how he couldn’t miss. See that in standing your ground your taking the stance in what you strongly believe and understand to get to where you want to be, in the right place you are going to get there no matter how big it may appear and its based on you standing for yourself – add your perspective to the formula, how you see yourself taking it on?  


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