Not Feeling Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment is trending; trending like crazy in fact. Between 1997 and 2017, the number of women-owned businesses increased by 114 percent, a rate 2.5 times higher than the national average ( Let’s keep this going; but question how do we keep this going? Are we really empowering? Don’t you think those pictures we see of women photoshoots- from different walks together had conversation amongst one another? Let their guards down and share secrets on how to kill the game? I’m just wondering because in my everyday scroll on social media or per conversation, from what I see in my community “women empowerment” is not happening. 

I AM Rebekah Denise motto is inspire, empower, and motivate. I want to encourage and lift other women; really leave them with gems that have taking me to places I never thought I would be,  leave those empowered knowing I am here to help as much as I can and knowing they can soak the knowledge I have provided at no cost. Gon head girl give up where you bought those shoes from, let her know what equipment you used to launch that podcast, give and help her with the site she wants to build a website or app, provide her with resources that helped you turn your dream to reality.  So I did take a step back from spending money on attending events (does not mean by any means I do not support); marches, conferences, and brunches (I have to say mimosas have become my thing) but I asked myself what’s next? What is my biggest take away from this here event? Did I walk away and feel my money spent gave me opportunity and just not words of empowerment but truly the feeling to building up another women?

*When I bring women together, we will walk away with fundamentals how to tackle our real life situations (yea girl I know make the money don’t let it make you-WE GON GET IT). 

I’ve attended women empowerment events and have felt the speaker’s stories but after that I’ve had my questions. I’ve exchanged business cards, held lengthy conversation thinking that I’ll be offered opportunities, or even have the chance to network “shadow” ladies to give me the courage to taking the next step to build, invest and literally be on my high to getting to it. When I followed up, I got no response – No answer after leaving a message (I know they got it). I enjoy seeing the venues luxurious from top to bottom but I would enjoy the feeling of the bond of sisterhood- carrying one another on each own journey, being there through the ups and down, forming accountability partners/groups, etc.

Women Empowerment– building up the women, raising/changing generations, sharing opportunities, walking away with the means and knowledge 

These days’ things are so different and women are thinking that there struggle means that we have to be selfish. Selfish with ideas, job opportunities, distributors/manufacturers, business contacts, strategies, etc. Most think by sharing means that another will get ahead. And so what if she does, it’s her time NOT YOURS sis – and she can help you with a start, create a blueprint. But it’s seen as “competition”. And that is what we need to get away from. Women empowerment is not giving quotes or affirmation to live by. Living by is easy- Real life is giving back and providing so that ALL can win around you. Bills still have to be paid. We cannot pay our bills with words of affirmation. Putting out more you get more in return building up another woman-providing sources of income, that can then continue to pass down the knowledge to another. The art of women’s empowerment is giving back. 

I am always willing to share, or just add to another’s resource list. I by no means want to ever stop the launch of brands or businesses. If I can contribute, I am here. 

Rebekah Boykins