Your Table, Your NOW

What makes me who I am?

How am I going to show up for myself today?

How will I pour into my cup of ME to be FULL?

We often beat ourselves up on where we could have been and what should be going on. How about the NOW? You can’t keep second guessing yourself and thinking that you are going to LEVEL UP in those areas you want SUCCESS being stagnant on shoulda coulda wouldas. Whether its at work (entrepreneurs do have 9-5s), school or in a relationship/friendship, you are more than capable and worthy of the position you are holding in your NOW. So why not embrace it?

Never let anyone make you feel that you are less than great, and you should second guess your position at the table. Speaking of table, YOU ARE THE TABLE! If you are feeling that way I know it may sound cliché but evaluate those people, place and things you surround yourself and that feed your soul. Doubts and fears are normal to have. We face those in unseen circumstances and even during those times we just don’t know what’s going to be the outcome and we get overworked. So be it! It’ll pass and there’s a lesson to be learned. Grab holdof what you know is coming (a To Do List will come in handy). You’re at the head of YOUR table.

One of my fav tweets that I have tweeted thus far and currently my pinned tweet: 

“We all know that we are the bad person in someone’s story, but growth is so beautiful and I’m not who/where I used to be. Be careful of what you take in- these people don’t know me!”

That’s right. Had it been a day ago, year, month your growth is forever happening, so they don’t know you. There are times when we have not so great moments and believe you me Life is not a piece of sweet double chocolate fudge cake; we get to the point where we want to throw in the towel and give up. Or anonymously you’re doubted, and it gets through the cracks of you being you and you feel like there’s no coming back. DON’T. I created a speak into existencelist and I have that mirror to talk to myself “You are amazing. You are that light in a room of darkness. Own who you are. I BRING ME authentically”.That right there; be real with yourself and never in life APOLOGIZE FOR BEING WHO YOU ARE. I promise you’ll get through the hurdles and you’ll see why they happened to get you to the next level. I myself during moments of my lows I’ll look back to the vision, mirror and end goal. Where I am NOW is not my destination. 

Ask Yourself:

What are my strengths? Weaknesses?

 How can I use them to grow and to help me? Help someone else?

What makes me who I am? 

When you have answered those questions look in the mirror. Accept your flaws, work on them and embrace what you can offer in your NOW. You know that YOU ARE THE TABLE, you know you are destined for greatness so keep on your path. Despite your mistakes you own them; you are owning yourself! You won’t repeat what you know is not right and what you know will not feed into fulfilling your destiny. At your table invite who pulls up a chair. Remember that you are who you surround yourself with. Have peace, value, empowerment and knowledge pull up. 


Thank you for reading, stay motivated!

Rebekah Boykins