Mothers Day 2019


I literally don’t remember what it is not being a mother. It has been a honor during each pregnancy experiencing and feeling life inside of me (boy was my body a punching bag). The lives we bring into this world are very unique, in fact I’ll be sharing my journey on my high risk pregnancies, watching my children grow and how maintaining my little broke best friends lifestyles brings joy to me.

Motherhood is no piece of cake and this Mother’s Day I want to encourage mothers to look at there hood as being just that, your personal hood. You create your own manual. The good, the ugly, the mistakes, the accomplishments, missed appointments, birthday celebrations, you name it, it’s is YOURS to write. I think what many people take away when we bring another precious life in this world is ; our life. They see it as we have one job only and that is motherhood, I get it. But we are human and we’re resilient - we’re cooks, therapist, principals, stylists, chauffeurs, planners to say the least.

On a day to day basis, we pour and pour into our children. We pour into new mommies, loved ones ; all to make sure that at the end of the day we’ll be to the rescue without a doubt. Being a mother has made me more in tune with myself; truly loving the skin I am in.

Embrace the hugs, kisses, cards created, purchased and the I love you’s that will be said over and over today.


The importance of this Mother’s Day, I will be taking time to myself. I encourage you, mothers to do the same. Get dressed, go buy yourself what you keep putting off, take yourself on a date. Self care is imperative when taking care of others. Reenergize and don’t feel bad about it. Everyone will be okay!


Rebekah Boykins